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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Janathon Week 3

Week 3!  I'm now a whole week behind on Yoga Revolution so I need to get back on it, really struggling to get up in the morning with the darkness.

Sunday  15th

Dog walk in the rain - 30 press ups

Monday 16th

Dog walk
25 press ups
Boxercise 1 hr

Tuesday 17th

Dog walk
35 press ups - 15 on my toes
Kettlercise 1hr

Wednesday 18th

Food shop day
30 press ups

Thursday 19th

I had planned to either go to spin or do a turbo session at home but I was so cold after the afternoon dog walk I couldn't face getting changed a second time.   All I've done is the dog walk & 30 press-ups including 15 on my toes

Friday 20th

Another cycle/turbo fail - did manage a slightly longer dog walk as it's not getting dark so early and I've done 30 press ups - 16 were on my toes

Saturday 21st

Planned to go out on the bike this morning but when OH came back from walking the dog at 10.30 and said he'd just helped out a crashed cyclist that idea was quickly shelved. No way I'm risking sliding on ice.  😣Ended up doing a 40 min high intensity turbo workout indoors, 

Didn't manage the last 1 minute effort - however, lots of sweat and very jelly legs after. 

30 press ups Inc 17 on my toes.

I also walked half a mile to Lidl to find some veggies and then walked back with a very heavy shopping bag and cooked dinner😀

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Janathon Week2

Week 2 already

Sunday 8th January

Feeling proper meh today with this stupid coughing thing - only managed 20 press ups but 5 were on my toes 😀 also went to Lidl to share my germs far and wide

Monday 9th January

Took today off sick - watched lots of crap on the telly.  Took Archie for a walk around the block in the rain.
20 press ups - managed 10 on my toes !!!!!!!  made me feel dizzy so I cancelled boxercise, guess it's not a good idea to go to class and spread the virus and make myself feel even more shit.

Tuesday 10th January

Another day off sick - another day of crap telly & not doing much.  Did manage a dog walk in the afternoon and 20 press ups.

Wednesday 11th January

Back to work (was a big mistake but there's only so much crap telly I can sit and watch - and my work was piling up!)  All I managed today was food shop and 20 press ups. 

Thursday 12th January

Too ill for spin - think I went back to work too soon!   Today's physical exertion including 20 press ups, a 40 step dog walk to the lamppost in the torrential rain and hefting boxes of disposable cups up 3 flights of stairs

Friday 13th January

Dog walk around the park and 20 press ups - 10 on my toes

Saturday 14th January

Shaun working today so morning dog walk with a couple of errands thrown in during the walk.  20 press ups with 11 done on my toes.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Janathon Week 1

Here's the info on Janathon Week 1

Sunday 1st January :-

Day 1 Yoga Revolution 
2 dog walks
35 mins on the turbo - about 13kms according to my new computer
9000 steps
10 press ups (including one on my toes)

Monday 2nd January :-

Didn't feel too great today - gripey stomach & nausea

Day 2 of Yoga Revolution
10 press ups (2 on my toes)
8 miles (13km) on the bike (on the road)
3000 steps (yep lazy)

Tuesday 3rd January
 Back to work - bummer

1hr of kettlebells
1hr of Boxercise
14600 steps (included in the 2 hours of exercise)

Wednesday 4th January

Day 3 of Yoga Revolution (yep I'm working 1 day behind
Food shop (boooooo)
10 press ups

Thursday 5th January

Day 4 of Yoga Revolution
10 press ups
Dog walk
10146 Steps   

Friday 6th January

Day 5 of Yoga Revolution
Ran for the bus
Dog walk
10000 Steps
10 press ups

Saturday 7th January

Day 6 of yoga revolution (with spectator), 

10 press ups
1 dog walk, 
1 walk to the chemist for cough meds 
7100 steps

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New Year & Welcome to 2017

Happy New Year one and all - let's hope 2017 brings some health and happiness.

Nothing eventful in the Boniface household over the last few days.  

I weighed in with Slimming World on Thursday - back up 1lb to 70kg, bit frustrating but with all the amazing food and wine we've had over Christmas that's not too bad, presumably it could get worse.   I've tried to get back to logging and eating "on plan" but it hasn't been easy with a cheese and pate mountain to get through,  I'm leaving most of it to Shaun (shush don't tell him).

There was a bike ride on the 30th - it was cold and foggy, pleasant enough.  I had intended to ride the last day of the year but following the previous days bike ride and a tough spin class on Thursday the legs weren't happy so I gave it a miss.

Today, we didn't get up very early and it was raining so we walked Archie to the park where he promptly turned round and headed home with Shaun in tow.  I stayed on the Park to check for firework debris - not as bad as I had envisaged but enough to warrant picking it up before it got spread through the undergrowth.

When I got back I spent half an hour reading - I've started another reading challenge this year and the first thing is to finish the one I've started - the Time Traveller's Wife - before I start on something fresh.  After the book reading session I completed day one of the #yogarevolution with Adrienne

I've dabbled with a bit of "home yoga" and I've watched Adrienne's videos before but this is the first time I've actually done one.   I quite enjoyed it, although I did have rather a lot of interruptions from Mr B asking questions about unrelated stuff and the dog who can't let me lay on the floor without it being a game with him.    Looking forward to day 2.

I've also done 10 press ups - one was an iffy one on my toes - I'm determined to get off my knees, a second walk with the dog via Halfords to pick up a turbo trainer computer.   35 minutes on the turbo whilst Shaun was cooking some dinner, think I'm done for the day. 

I wasn't sure if Janathon was happening this year - but it looks like it is so here's day 1.   As in previous years I'm not going to blog every day from now on, just a weekly update on how it's going, plus a micro blog on the Facebook page.

Today's totals :

1 yoga session
2 dog walks
35 mins on the turbo - about 13kms according to my new computer
9000 steps
10 press ups (including one on my toes)

All the best for 2017 folks - see you at the end of the week for a Janathon update :) 

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Fitness - what's improved & what still needs work as I hit 50!

Not long now until we enter 2017 - the year I get to celebrate my 50th birthday.   I'm hoping to be a fitter, slimmer and healthier version so here's some observations on where I am and what needs working on.

When I first started at Boxercise I could barely do a single burpee, in fact because of the shinsplint situation I had to go to the lowest impact I could.   Two years later I can now do about 15 without stopping, proper ones, although by the time we get to 10 it ain't pretty and form goes out the window so I'd like to improve that next year.

Mountain climbers make me want to puke.    I can do about 8 each rep but my stomach starts to talking to my head and then I can't do any more.   Would be nice to get to 10.

Push ups are still a major fail - I'd really hoped I would be off my knees this year but it just isn't happening.  I'll keep trying in the hope that 2017 will see me on my toes for at least 1 full push up.   I've also got to perfect tricep push ups,   They're getting better (on my knees).

Claire introduced us to Turkish Get Ups at Kettlebells last week - that definitely needs work.   I can't even get it right without the weight, let alone adding a kettlebell.

I've started to swing a heavier bell - I started on 4kg but a few weeks ago I picked up a 5kg and used that for some moves.   4kg is too low for some of the presses, although add in lots of repetitions and the muscles are screaming.

More core work, sometimes I struggle with my balance but I'm not sure whether some of that is down to my feet and the overpronation.   Even if my core is engaged I'm still wobbling all over the place and my foot is overworking!!

One the bike hill climbing has improved slightly.   I'm less likely to get off unless I totally miscalculate.   Cycling in the Grampians (Australia) this year taught me quite a lot, although grinding up a mountain is a bit different to some of the short, sharp hills in Sussex.   Visualising the smell of the eucalyptus in the early morning sun helps.  I've just found out this visualisation also helps to reduce my blood pressure - even though the nurse taking it thought a little strange!

Good luck to everyone in 2017 - thanks for reading during the last year.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

2016 - What A Year!

2016 will certainly be one to remember - I wonder whether 2017 will match it.

We kicked off the year with our 3 week trip to the land of Aus which certainly didn't disappoint.  Wish we done it earlier and had Danni with us but circumstances got in the way.  It certainly was a trip of a lifetime and we will certainly be going back to see some more!  Have a look back through the #AussieAdventure to see what we got up.    Everyone asks me what was the one single highlight - I suppose it has to be climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge but honestly each element of the trip was a highlight - cycling in the Grampians, the wildlife, city life, the food, the wine (OMG the wine!), watching the Tour Down Under and seeing Richie Porte win at Willunga Hill.
The Bridge Climb

The Wine

The food

The Grampian Mountain cycling

The wildlife

Richie Porte smashing Willunga Hill, TDU

Spending 2 weeks with these gorgeous people
We've had some lovely Tribby Trips, even the ones with the dire weather.
My favourite view of the year - Canterbury C&C Club site
Tribby is more or less closed up now.  I've removed all the upholstery and soft furnishings and they're now piled up in the empty bedroom!

The Tribby trips have had an impact on the cycling, which is a massive frustration.   The weather has also had a major effect - it's either been too wet or too windy.  I have though increased my furthest distance which was a goal for this year.  My longest ride should've been the Davina Big Sussex Bike Ride but I didn't quite make that because of the weather.   My new distance is 54 miles (88 km) so maybe next year's Davina or another sportive will crack the 60 mile furthest distance I'd have preferred.
Safety talk by Davina herself

I was enjoying it - honest!  It had just started to spit with rain at this point

Had to give in and put on a waterproof jacket

This year saw me gain my cycling battle scars with my first road spill.
One chilly morning riding with Nik & Amanda

Ruined my expensive arm warmers

and ruined my right knee

The next morning

Feeling sorry for myself
Still smiling though - at the top of Bitch (The Dyke) Hill
Luckily not badly damaged but enough to make me wary of going out alone.   I've ridden more solo rides this year, including the 54 miler.  I've ridden up a mountain (in Australia), although you won't find it on Strava as I didn't have my tech with me!  I know if it's not on Strava it never happened, but I have the photo to prove it and the memory.

This year I've finally started to lose some of the 2.5 stone I gained by joining Slimming World.  Todate I've lost 13lb (just under a stone).  It's surprising what a difference those few pounds are making.  Sometimes it's hard to stay on plan, especially when we've been away in Tribby - I do like my treats like a glass or two of wine with dinner and a coffee and cake mid-morning.  Sometimes life has to be about living.   At least with Slimming World I know if I stick to the plan I can lose so I haven't beaten myself up if I've slipped for a couple of days.   The run up to Christmas could be difficult but I just have to be sensible.   Another stone at least to go - I'll be happy at 9 and a half!

2017 is building up to being an exciting year - with my 50th in April and Danni's 21st.  We've already booked a holiday that I've wanted to do many years.  Not as exciting as going to Australia but Crete has sat on the "to do" list for too many years.   Lots of plans coming together - walk the Samaria Gorge, the Palace of Knossos, enjoy the Greek food and we've even upgraded our room with our own swim up pool.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Giving Gousto a Go !

Have you ever looked at the adverts for Hello Fresh! and Gousto and thought "mmmm wonder if they're any good"?   I know I have, so when we were at the Cycle Show in Birmingham last month and there was a Gousto stand offering half price deals it didn't take long for us to say yes.

We set up our account there and then and chose our 3 meals for our first box, paid and walked away having booked our delivery for the following Saturday.   During the next week we planned when to have our various meals - one on the Saturday night, Sunday and then Wednesday.

There's no need to stay in for delivery so long as you have somewhere safe to leave the box, or with a neighbour.  I ended up staying in anyway - I was far too excited to go off out for the day.

Delivery is between 8am and 7pm by courier - mine arrived just before 6pm which was cutting it a bit fine in view of the fact we'd decided to have our first meal on delivery day!   The contents are packed in a sturdy box and inside is a plastic bag which contains sheep's wool together with a couple of large blocks of ice to keep everything cool.   You could re-use the sheep's wool bag but to be honest I didn't bother, and just chucked it in the bin.  The ice blocks went into the freezer for emergency use (replaces the frozen pea ice pack nicely).    A quick unpack and put everything where it needs to go.   I put all the fridge items together on a shelf and left everything else (spices, herbs, stock cubes, garlic and onion) in the cupboard, all together so they wouldn't get used for something else during the week.  Absolutely EVERYTHING is pre-weighed and labelled - if your meals require 3 cloves of garlic that's what you get!

We decided our first meal would be Mexican Pork & Black Bean Rice.  The recipe cards which come in the box are very detailed.  It tells you exactly what you need in picture form, how long it will take, nutrition information and what extras you will need - salt, pepper, cooking oil is not included.

 The step by step guide on the other side of the recipe card takes you through the preparation (very little apart from chopping and slicing) and then cooking, and before you know it you have dished up a delicious meal which looks something like the photo on the recipe card.   Sorry I'm no photographic expert, but it does kind of look something like it.

Portion sizes are generous, and all you need to add is a nice glass of wine and a pudding, although I was so full after I could only manage a small yogurt.

On Sunday we decided rather than having a roast we would have our second meal - Pork Belly, Lentils, Pea Shoots & Eggs.   Again, the recipe card is very detailed and advises you that you require a pestle & mortar, I didn't have one so adapted the end of my rolling pin in a small bowl to crush the fennel seeds.

 This was definitely a good choice for a Sunday lunch.

We left our final meal until mid-week due to Shaun's shifts and he wanted to have a go at cooking the meal by itself whilst I took Danni for her weekly food shop.   Shaun is a "chuck it all in a pan, season as you go, and if it turns out edible it's a bonus" kind of cook.  He usually gets it right, but really struggles with recipes.  He did very well and produced a very tasty Feta Stuffed Courgette & Spicy Yogurt for Wednesday's evening meal.  I made a bit of a mistake and chucked all the spice in the yogurt, even though the recipe card warns you to go easy if you don't like it hot!  Oops!

All in all we really enjoyed our week of alternative meals.  I absolutely love the fact that absolutely EVERYTHING is weighed out and the recipe cards are so detailed you really can't go wrong.  There is no waste - unless you can't finish the meal.  Everything is home grown - so you shouldn't get anything which is "out of season" and the meat, yogurt and cheese all had good use by dates on them so you're not rushing to use the ingredients.  I managed to convert everything to record on Slimming World and you get to keep the recipe cards so you can make the recipes again by buying your own ingredients.

Our Gousto account is currently frozen so we won't get anything else until we subscribe.  You can order as often as you like.   You can order 2, 3 or 4 meals, for 2 people or a family of up to 5 (2 adults & up to 3 children) at what I consider to be a very reasonable cost.   I think we're going to have a box once a month.

Please note no monetary gain has been made from this post.